Saturday, December 3, 2011

Review: Tenzi (Dice Game) + Discount.

Tenzi is such a fun game!

The game itself actually only lasts for about 30 seconds. Before we even started playing, I was actually in a bad mood (The first time we played was shortly after getting let go from my job) so I flat out said "I only want to play like 2 or 3 games." Well, after 2 games, I was hooked! We ended up playing for almost an hour!

My favorite part about Tenzi, is that there are several different ways to play.
The original way is a lot of fun - Everyone gets 10 dice, and you all roll until someone has all 10 dice on the same number. After you get all 10 - You yell TENZI, and you've won :)
My grandma won the very first game we played:
 After our first game (playing the original way) we decided to try another way. We ended up trying the "tower" version. This was definitely my second favorite way to play. You play just like before (Rolling, and getting all 10 dice on the same number,) but this time, you have to stack the dice too!
If the dice fall over, and land off of the number you were collecting, you have to continue to roll the dice, until they are all the same, and all 10 dice are stacked. My mom ended up winning the tower version.
  And then, there was my favorite way to play "Stealing." With the stealing version, everyone rolls their dice, and gets the same numbers (just like before) but if you notice someone around you, with a number you need, you can hurry, and snatch their dice, and give them one of yours! It was really fun, because there was a lot of butting heads lol - like, "hey!" & "darn it!"
We actually made a video of this one, so you can all see how fast, and interactive it is (My grandma won that game too lol :p):

There are still several other ways to play Tenzi, too! Tenzi is available for only $14.95 - And let me say; It is well worth that $14.95! You can also "double up" and play with 2 sets, having to get 20 matching dice :)!

Overall, we really enjoyed playing Tenzi! It's a great family, friendly game - That I would recommend to anyone! Tenzi would make a great gift (Perfect for Stocking Stuffers!); Which is why it is a part of my 2011 Holiday Gift Guide.
 You can connect with Tenzi  on Facebook.
If you are interested in purchasing Tenzi, be sure take advantage of this 20% coupon! Simply go to the Tenzi website, and at check out, type in "momblog" and receive 20% off on every Tenzi game :)!

Disclosure: Review product was provided to me free of charge. All opinions expressed are my own, and were not influenced in any way.


  1. Oh I have got to get my hands on that game! That is the perfect game for our family. We like simple rules, dice games are fun and it's simple enough the kids could join!

    Great review thanks!

  2. Oh that sounds like a fun game!! I would love to have this next game night.

  3. I've never played this before, it looks like a hoot! :)