Monday, January 23, 2012

The Iguanas from St.Thomas!

Well I have lots of pictures from out trip to St.Thomas, but I had a ton of the iguanas! You all know how much I love animals, so I just over did the pictures of iguanas a bit :p

Because of that, I wanted to give the iguanas their very own post :)!

And before the pictures, I will also include the video of me feeding the iguanas.
 **Please note**
If you have children in the room, or get offended by bad words, please mute the sound. Aaron accidentally let a bad word slip in the video, and I just wanted to let you all know in advance.

Here is the video:

Feeding the iguanas was so fun! As soon as they saw the tomatoes they came running lol!

And here are lots and lots of beautiful pictures of them! And don't worry, I will have pictures up of the beautiful islands, very soon! But for now, enjoy the iguanas :)!

 So cool - I caught him blinking!
 Love their eyes!
 -Munch Munch- lol :>
 This one was peeling!

 3 beautiful iguanas in front of some beautiful scenery :)

 The iguanas swarmed the pool deck! They were everywhere! Aaron went up to take this picture, and an Iguana was running up behind him, and I was like AHHH Watch out! And he had to like leap out of the way lol
 (The massive one below just came walking down the stairs, like it was no big deal! He was the biggest iguana I saw on the trip!)

 LOL be sure to click the one above and make it bigger. I caught him sticking out his tongue, and it's so cute :D

 An iguana enjoying the beautiful waterfall!
 Ouch! I don't know how he could have been comfy on that thorn tree!
 Aw! A baby iguana :D
   This one did not like me! I swear he chased me!

 Biggest spikes I saw!
 They just climbed on top of bushes right outside our hotel room, and ate leaves! lol :)

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did :D! I will have more pictures from St.Thomas and St.John very soon :)!


  1. Great pictures. We have some in the "wild" here, but since they don't belong, they are caught and put down. I hate that.

  2. Too cool! I love the pics and they would be fun to have around- I bet the scare alot of people tho!

    They are really pretty!

  3. I used to have a pet iguana she was 4 ft. then I had another one that bit the tip of my finger which required 7 stiches and till this day the tip of that finger has not feeling in it!

  4. Amazing...nothing like that in Wisconsin!

  5. Loooks like you hhad lots of fun! So cool!

  6. LOL, I would have been freaked out to see them running towards me like in your video. ((shudder)) cool photos though :)

  7. Wow, that's crazy! I think I would have been a little freaked out. But how neat too!

  8. Great Great pictures. I remember my trip to Puerta Vallarta and saw a few on the cobblestone roads. Was very very kewl!!

  9. wonderful pictures - I cant wait to see the rest of them!

  10. Those are absolutely beautiful pictures! I love iguanas. Now I totally want to go feed some.

  11. I seriously love iguanas! These are fantastic pictures!