Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lots and Lots of Winners!

Well.. It has been quite some time since I posted winners! I am just starting to get caught up, and get some things done, and I wanted to go ahead and post all of the most recent winners.

Here they are :)! -
Winner of the Orbeez Giveaway:
Entry Number 481: Darlene

Winner of the Uncommon Goods Giveaway:
Entry Number 373: Katklaw777
 Winner of the Ugly Sofa giveaway:
Entry Number 425: June M.

Winner of the Rachael Ray Store Giveaway:
Entry Number 1684: Eileen R.
Winner of the BottleHood Giveaway:
Entry Number 83: Chevelle S.

Winner of the Kiki's Fashions Giveaway:
Entry Number 59:
 Winner of the JewelMint/StyleMint Giveaway:
Entry Number 372: Holly L

 And those are all of the winners for right now! Congratulations to everyone, and good luck to everyone in the future :)


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