Friday, March 16, 2012

Continuing my Nutrisystem Journey! Week 32 with #Nsnation

I am still getting all caught up with my Nutrisystem, and fortunately, next week, everything will be completely on track.

So this week, I was completely on my own. While in the past few weeks, I wasn't really watching what I did, and what I ate, so this week I had to improvise a little, because I only had 2 days worth of food for this week.
For those 2 days, I had some absolutely delicious meals; Like the  Chicken Salad:
  And the Roast Turkey Medallions:

  The other 5 days, I just used the knowledge that I've gained from Nutrisystem, and I winged it!

I did so good though! I was able to pair good portions, and find good meal replacements. And I even discovered a new found love of baby greens! Let me say: This past week, I have learned to make one mean salad!

I ended up losing 2lbs this week! So my total is down to -44.2lbs!

I can't wait to get completely back on track this week, and I look forward to the many weeks to come :)!

Until next week...
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