Monday, March 26, 2012

Skeletion Zombie Costume Review from Wholesale Halloween Costumes

We LOVED this costume!

Every year me and Aaron dress up, and this year, Aaron wanted to dress up as a Zombie. So we browsed the amazing selection of zombie costumes from Wholesale Halloween Costumes for a while, and we finally decided upon the Skeleton Zombie costume, because he loves skeletons, and zombies; So it was prefect!

He was definitely able to scare a few kids with it, haha :)!

He did say the mask got a little hot, but that's pretty much a given with any costumes, so it wasn't anything we hadn't expected.

The costume was definitely a great deal, at only $38.90. All of the costumes from Wholesale Halloween are a great deal though. You can find hundreds and hundreds of costumes, for an extremely low, and affordable price.

I'm already thinking to next Halloween (Which we all know will sneak up fast!) and I've definitely been eying the Bacon and Eggs costume. It's so cute, and is available for just $33.90!
 No definitive plans yet, but we'll see :)!

Whatever I decide to get, I'm sure it will be from one of the great Wholesale websites, because you just can't beat the prices!

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