Friday, March 30, 2012

Week 34 of Nutrisystem - Loving Nutrisystem Success!

So.. For the past 2 weeks, I have been raving about how much I couldn't wait to try the new Nutrisystem Success Program.. Well......  That finally happened!!!

Earlier this week, my new food arrived!

A lot of the food is the same, but the packaging was all updated, and I think there was a little re-vamp on the food, because my chicken salad looked a little different, and it tasted even better than I remember! In all honesty, I think they might have added more sauce.. Which of course is a plus with me :p.

This week, I didn't incorporate as much exercise, so I'm not surprised to only see -0.4lbs, which brings my total to -46.2lbs.

I also tried my protein shakes this week.
I was a little skeptical, and wasn't sure what I would think, but after trying the Vanilla, I decided I did like them.
 On my first day of trying the shakes, I actually had the Strawberry. But after trying the strawberry, I honestly didn't think I liked the shakes at all. I loved the smell, and I did kind of like the taste, but that first day, it was just so watery, and I just couldn't drink it. It wasn't until the next day, that I'd realized I'd added an extra 1/4th cup of water to my shake. I was like.. No wonder it tasted so watered down [lol.]

So the next day is when I tried the vanilla. It was really delicious, and it kind of tasted like a milkshake without the creaminess to it. I'm thinking once I re-try the strawberry, I'm going to like it as well.

I also have a few plans to mix the shakes up a little. I had one reader suggest replacing the ice with frozen fruit, and I definitely plan on trying that later this week, to spice things up a little, and keep things interesting.
And rather than adding water, I thought about replacing my breakfast dairy, by putting my milk in my shake, and making it a little more creamy. But we'll see!

This week, I was also able to try some of the other Chef's Table Entrees!
I've only try 2 new ones so far, but I absolutely loved the Steak Tagliata!
 I honestly didn't think I'd be too fond of it, because after being a Vegetarian for 3 years, I just never developed a strong like for meat. But this steak was extremely lean, and tender. It wasn't all stringy and disgusting, as I see regular steak. I also really enjoyed the spinach (Shock!) Overall, it was a really hearty meal, and I really hope I get it again in the future!

Overall, this week was pretty good, and I can't wait to continue Nutrisystem Success this week!

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  1. You have done so well- so very very close to that 50# mark! Swimsuit season will be great for you this year!