Sunday, April 15, 2012

36th week of Nutrisystem

So.. I am not excited about this weeks post. Mostly because I'm ashamed.

This week was just not a good week, because I ate bad.

On Saturday I had to drive about 40 miles to go volunteer, and I had been gone all day. By the time I was done, I had been gone for almost 8 hours.. So I stopped by a local Checkers out of convenience. I had more than I should have.. and I definitely paid for it on the scale. What's upsetting is that, I could have conveniently brought some of my Nutrisystem with me, but I was so nervous in the morning, and I just rushed out.

I also ate out earlier in the week because we had company, and we were going out to dinner with them. Again, I completely disappointed myself.. Because we went to a buffet, and I had healthy options, like salad.. Instead I opted for pasta, and bread. Sometimes it is okay to splurge a little, but I really need to remember to moderate myself, and not go overboard.

I am so embarrassed of this.. But I am up 4lbs this week. My total weight loss is back down to 42.8 :(
I'm still happy, because I mean, honestly, how could I not be happy with a 40lb weight loss?  I'm just disappointed that I let myself get so out of hand this week. 50lbs of weight loss is my goal, and I just need to stay on track. 8lbs is not that much to lose!

Even though this week was a little rough, I did still have some amazing food this week.

2 of my favorite meals this week were the:
Cinnamon Bun (for breakfast:)
 Love this warmed up! It's so delicious.. and it really fills the room up with an amazing smell :D

And the grilled chicken breast (for dinner):
  This chicken is so tender, and literally just falls apart! I love it.. and I might even go as far to say it's my favorite dinner entree! :)

Overall, this was definitely one of my worst weeks.. But I know there will be better weeks to come!
Until then..

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