Sunday, April 22, 2012

37th week of Nutrisystem!

Well.. I have to start off with this post saying, I am definitely more excited about writing this weeks post, over last weeks post.

Last week I hit a bump in the road, and went up 4lbs. It felt terrible to gain.. But fortunately I can say this week, I am down 3lbs! So last weeks +4, is now only a +1! Which brings my total back to -45.8! Less than 5lbs until my weight loss goal of -50lbs!! I couldn't be any more excited.. Because for once, I am actually going to do something I had set my mind to!

This week I had some awesome meals, and I tried my Chocolate protein shake.
 The chocolate protein shake was delicious, and I absolutely loved it! I find my self craving something chocolatey sometimes, and this really helped with my cravings!
Some featured meals for the week:
The Butternut Squash Ravioli:

I was actually extremely excited to try this dish. Butternut Squash is something I've never previously tried, and I was looking forward to exploring some new foods.

When I took my first bite, I had to stop for a minute, and really take in the flavors. They were extremely different to anything I'm used to. When you bit into the squash ravioli, it's extremely sweet (and this might sound weird) but the first thing I thought of when biting into it, was pumpkin pie.
It was good, in a unique, different way, but I think personally, for me, it was a little to sweet to be a fulfilling dinner entree for me.

 And this week, I was also happy to try one of the new additions to Nutrisystem dessert; The Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies:  

Chocolate chips cookies... I'm sure you already know I'm going to say I enjoyed them. How could I not like a chocolate chip cookie?! They were a little hard, but still delicious! :)

Overall, I had a really good week, and I can't wait until next week!

Until then..

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  1. congrats on almost reaching your goal!!

    I was wondering if the cookies were hard, I like soft cookies, but I figured they were hard...but I imagine they will fill the chocolate void.

    I can't wait to get started!

  2. Congrats on being so close to your goal! I'm very proud and a bit envious as this system didn't work well for me. Ah, I'm just being a bit more careful now.

  3. yay for you Amanda! ExCUSE me? chocolate chip WHAT??? I wish I could afford to do the program now, but then we all say that and really with extra weight holding us back and creating possible health problems how can we NOT afford to do Nutrisystem.

    So happy for you as you embark on that last few steps to the new you, inside and out. How amazing to make a goal REAL and it was ALL YOU BABY!!! Isnt it crazy the things that end up on the end of a fork by our choices can make us feel great, be confident, and feel so good about doing something we do have control over after all? applause kiddo!!!!

  4. Yea for being close to your goal. I am looking forward to the other cookies they sent - i think i have an oatmeal one calling my name!