Monday, April 30, 2012

My 38th week of Nutrisystem!


This week, was definitely a pretty good week for me.

I met up with one of my friends, and we started walking together, so now I've added a little more to my exercise regimen. It's not much, but it is about an extra mile of walking every couple of days, and every little bit of exercise helps.

I also recently found this daily exercise regimen on Pinterest, and every day you add a little bit more exercise to your plan. Then after 30 days you  go up to level 2. There are a total of 4 levels, and level 4 seems a little hard, but I'm hoping as long as I keep up with everything, I'll be able to do level 4 a lot more easily than what it seems now. I'm only on day 5 now,  so it's still pretty easy, but like I said every little bit helps, and by the time that I get to the 3rd and 4th level, I can only imagine how beneficial  it's going to be for me.

This week, with my walking and little bit of exercise from the plan, and my healthy Nutrisystem eating, I am down 1.2lbs, bringing my total to -47lbs!

I had some delicious meals this week, and I can't wait until next week! This July I am going on a vacation up north to see my family, and I really hope to be at my goal by then (And I'm sure I will be, because I am only 3lbs away :)!!!)

Some of the featured meals this week are:
The Sweet and Sour Chicken:
 I love Chinese food, and I always have! When I first started Nutrisystem, I kept hoping and hoping I would get the sweet and sour chicken, and finally, for the first time, I got it! It was even better than I had expected! It was so delicious, I can't even describe it! Now I just have to keep my fingers crosses that I get it again with one of my last 2 orders!

Another one of my favorites this week was the delicious Nutrichocolates:
  These are just so delicious... Literally melt in your mouth good :)!

Overall, I had a really awesome week, and I can't wait until next week :)!

Until then..

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  1. Congrats on being so close to your goal :) and those two foods look so yummy (hope I get them too ;))

    p.s. I post my first weekly on Friday...can't weight ;)

  2. Keep up your great work!! You can do it, you are so close, don't give up! :)

  3. Congratulations! Only three pounds from your goal. Keep up the good work. Those chocolates look delicious.

  4. I have seen the Nutrisystem advertisements on television and online for a while and, like every other weight loss aid or program out there, I have always been severely skeptical. It's awesome to hear that you have had so much success with it--congratulations! I am also really surprised that the food is so good, another pleasant surprise to hear about them!

  5. I've tried some Nutrisystem food before, and it was pretty decent. Being Hypoglycemic though, I couldn't eat it for long, as I wasn't getting enough protein or sugar intake from it. I started just eating smaller meals ALL THE TIME, and it's boosted my metabolism to the point I can literally eat whatever I want and not gain weight. Small meals with constant eating is the way to go! Lol.