Monday, April 2, 2012

Our Hotel Room in St.Thomas

So not long ago, I told you all I wanted to share my recent trip to St.Thomas, in the US Virgin Islands.

After thinking about it a little, I decided to do it in several posts, because there are so many pictures, and I don't want to overwhelm anyone with them.

So, I am starting at the very beginning!

Our hotel room! We stayed at the beautiful Marriot!

The bathroom:

The overall view when first walking in:

 and the view from the other side of the room:

And our gorgeous view, during the day:
 and finally, our wonderful view, at night:

Our room was amazing.. And we literally, spent hours on our porch looking at the wonderful view. So beautiful!

I will have more pictures very soon :)!


  1. It looks like a dream- to gaze out at the ocean would be so peaceful!

  2. That bed looks so comfortable! I wish my bed at home looked like that ;)

  3. Hi Amanda-

    I can't tell if that is a real flower on the bed or part of the linens? But the room is beautiful!
    jill (dot) watkins (at) gmail (dot) com