Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spike Seasonings Review and Giveaway - Ends 5/2 - US Only

Recently, I was sent 10 amazing flavors from Spike Seasoning, and I have been loving them!

One thing I've always wanted to dabble into more, has been cooking. I try to tell myself "Oh, I could cook if I wanted to." And that's true, to an extent. I can cook say... a mean egg, or some soup.. lol, but I've yet to really cook some meat. I've cooked the occasional sloppy joe, but that's easy, because you can see the meat browning. I've always been paranoid, because I hate undercooked meat, and to be honest, I just don't know how to tell when meat is done cooking.

So after receiving my seasonings, I promised myself I would really try cooking some meats, and then practicing some regular blending with other foods.

I haven't actually had a chance to try all of my seasonings yet, but I have tried cooking with 3 different ones, and my grandma has used 3 others. So we've used 6 out of 10 so far, and we've liked all the ones we've tried.

The 3 I tried were the "VEGIT Magic" "Tenderizer" and "Lemon Pepper Magic." Out of the 3, my favorite was most definitely the VEGIT Magic. This blend was extremely "herby," which was perfect for me. I just love explosions of flavors in my mouth, and this really gave me that! The VEGIT Magic is actually filled with herbs, spices, and vegetables!

I simply sprinkled some onto my salad, and it completely changed everything. Instead of loading my salad down with fat free dressing, I was able to load it down with some ridiculously healthy herbs ;).

I also really enjoyed the "Tenderizer Magic."
While using the Tenderizer Magic, I also had my first attempt at cooking steak! I was a little lost, and a little worried, but I figured, I couldn't really go wrong, because my mom loves "medium-rare" steaks, so even if I didn't cook it thoroughly, at least my mom would be able to enjoy it.

Surprisingly, I cooked it almost completely done, and there was only a tiny bit of pink, so I was able to try some as well :).
See, the secret is that the Tenderizer Magic not only seasons, but it also helps to tenderize your meat. So not only are you getting a delicious taste in your mouth, your also getting to enjoy a delicious, tender piece of meat!

And then finally, I also used the "Lemon Pepper Magic."
  With the Lemon Pepper Magic, I attempted to make some chicken breast. My grandma got some really thin pieces of chicken at the store, and as soon as she got home, I started cooking. Wow, let me first say, I felt like a professional chef when I whipped out my Spike Seasoning, and started sprinkling it on! I had so much fun, and my chicken was delicious! I honestly couldn't even believe I had cooked it.. and trust me, nobody else in the house could believe it either (lol.)

Grandma was able to use the  "Garlic Magic," "Onion Magic" and the "Salt Free Magic."

She actually took the Garlic and Onion Magic, and combined them. She mixed them into some mashed potatoes, and they were so yummy! I had to restrict how much I ate, because of my diet, and it was so hard! I love potatoes, and these were just perfectly seasoned!
And with the Salt Free Magic, we had actually just started replacing it with our normal usage of salt. The Salt Free Magic has added a new delicious flavor to some of out favorite foods, and it has highly helped reduce out sodium intake!

We still have several flavors to try, and I just can't wait to get seasoning! I know they'll all be delicious.

Another quick aspect I wanted to share, that I loved, was the awesome Spike Seasonings container.
Most of our old spices were in old, yellowing plastic bottles. I'm all about looks in the kitchen, so it's easy to understand why I hated our old plastic bottles sitting around, looking ugly.
Well, thankfully, the Spike Seasoning bottles are really nice looking! They are glass, and are very sturdy (trust me, I know, as I've dropped 2 of them already.)

Oh! And I almost forgot.. believe it or not, there is also one more awesome thing about Spike Seasonings! Recently, they were actually acknowledged by Dr. Oz himself!
Want to know what about?! About how they make an awesome replacement to regular salt, and how they actually help to reduce bloating! Be sure to check out the article for yourself HERE.

Overall, I've absolutely loved my seasonings, and at only $2.99 a bottle (+ all the health benefits,) you'd better believe I'll be buying again when mine are gone :)

The Giveaway! 
1 of you will receive 4 bottles of Spike Seasoning for yourself! (Winner will receive the Original, Hot 'n Spicy, Salt Free, and Vegit.)
Entering is super easy, with the Rafflecopter form, directly below.

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  3. I would really like to try the Spike ® Garlic Magic!, love Garlic but not salt.

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