Friday, April 13, 2012

Volunteering Tomorrow! (An update on myself :) )

   (The baby ducks, and mom duck that have been hanging around my house :) )

So, it's been a while since I've given an actual update on myself.

If you are my friend on Facebook you may have already read some of this, but for those of you who aren't.. (If you aren't my friend on Facebook, but would like to be, please feel free to send me a request :))

I recently got my drivers license (Yes, finally :P!) And ever since then I am starting to do a lot! I had a College appointment on Wednesday, and on Thursday I started a new job working for my neighbor watching her husband while she is away. Today I went and got a Tetanus shot (definitely not as bad as I thought), because tomorrow I have an orientation type meeting to start volunteering at a local wolf sanctuary :)!

Lately I have felt like I really need to start accomplishing things in life, and I am just ready to work as hard as possible with whatever I can!

As you all know, I love all types of animals, so I am extremely excited to start volunteering! It's a far drive, but so worth it! If possible (not even sure if I'll be allowed, but I don't see why not) I will try and get some pictures one day, with (or of) the wolves :)!

Just wanted to give you all a little update, and let you know what's been going on in my life.

Do any of you have any exciting news or big plans?


  1. No huge plans here, but I am really excited to hear you started (or will be) volunteering. A wolf sanctuary would be so fun and I do hope you get some pics!

    Also very neat you got a job doing a bit of caretaking- thats a job you can really expand on. I did that while I was in college and had so many jobs from word of mouth that I couldnt hardly keep up! Plus although it can be hard it is very rewarding.

    Keep it up!

  2. KEWL post Amanda. Please be careful with the wolves lol. Jeesh all I can picture is you trying to coax them up close for a better shot. Sheesh.

    Congrats on getting your license too. ACK!! I am almost 40 and do not have my license.

    Thanks for sharing. Never too late in life I guess hmmmmmmm

  3. We had a wolf place near where we used to live and the people never got in with them but it was really neat to see them!

  4. Congrats on your license! I was the gal that took half day off of school waiting to get that picture,(those FL gals). hahha

  5. It sounds like things are really moving forward for you in amazing ways. That is awesome!

  6. You have been busy! We are preparing for the in-laws to make a visit next weekend. Not sure if I am looking forward to it or not...LOL

  7. That sounds like so much fun! Make sure you let us know how it's going!

  8. Congrats on finally getting your driver's license. And that's great that you're volunteering- sounds like it will be fulfilling work.