Friday, May 11, 2012

I'll miss Teoki, Lady and Daisy :(

This past week, my friend, Joe, went out of town. He left me to watch his 3 adorable dogs, Teoki, Daisy and Lady.
 Well Joe was only going for a week, so he should be home today :'(!

Lady and Daisy were both absolutely adorable, and I loved having them, but Teoki.. He was so amazing! He jumped up on my shoulders for hugs, and laid curled up beside me..

Not only was he awesome to have around, but to top it off, he was hairless! You all obviously know how much I love my hairless rats.. But a hairless dog (He's a Mexican Hairless!) I'm going to miss him (and Lady and Daisy!) so much - And I hope Joe goes on vacation again soon, lol!

 Daisy ^

  Lady ^

And Teoki ^ - Who even Aaron warmed up to!

I'll miss them all - And I hope they get to come back soon!


  1. Cute^^, you took good care of them so i'm sure he will let you babysitting again ^^

  2. I think a friend who watches your pets while you're gone is a real friend. I also think that trusting someone enough to let them watch your pets is a big deal. Sounds like you and Joe are both very lucky... and Teoki, Lady, and Daisy too. :)

  3. Doggie therapy! Teoki looks like he'd fit in with some of your hairless rats. :)