Friday, May 11, 2012

Shop Custom Made Dresses at theUNIUNI

Recently, I stumbled on to this amazing site, called theUNIUNI.
theUNIUNI sells an enormous amount of items - from custom made wedding dresses, to gorgeous pumps, and handbags.

I love shopping for new clothes, and accessories, so when I first visited the website, I was completely overwhelmed, because the selection of products is just massive.

I've been browsing through all throughout the day, and I have literally seen hundreds and hundreds of items I would absolutely love to own.

One day, if Aaron ever pops the question, I will definitely consider one of theUNIUNI's custom wedding dresses. They are stunning, and are one of a kind!

My personal favorite is this amazing Custom made Organza V-neck Empire Wedding Dress:

This dress would make any girl feel amazing on that special day! And the best part? They offer plus sizes too - They carry sizes all the way from a 2 to a 26, and they even offer custom sizing!

theUNITUNI doesn't only carry wedding dresses either. They offer the super stylish bandage dresses, evening dresses, and many many more!

They offer a wide variety of products for any occasion, so if you have any big events, or just want to look spectacular one day, be sure to check them out :)!

Disclosure: Review product is being provided to me free of charge. All opinions expressed are my own, and were not influenced in any way.