Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Week 39 of Nutrisystem!

39th week of Nutrisystem - Woo hoo! I am so happy! No no.. I didn't meet my goal.. but, I am very very close!
I continued that workout regiment that I found on Pinterest last week (It's slowly getting harder!) and I did some biking.. and more recently I had started playing with the kids outside. The kids are always coming over and asking if I want to play, and for a while, I was declining quite often. And then it hit me.. Kids are really active! So, all week I've been playing manhunt, tag, volleyball.. all sorts of stuff! So, I am happy to announce that this week, I am down 1.6lbs!! Bringing my total weight loss to -48.6lbs! I am so excited about next week, because if I can just stay strong this week, I know that by next week I can definitely be at my goal.

It has actually been pretty warm down here in Florida, but for some reason, our pool has still been extremely cold (In the mid 70's!) and I haven't been able to swim yet :(, but I know that soon, we should be hitting 90 degrees, so hopefully I can get in the pool, and get that extra exercise in! I have my trip coming up in July, so I NEED to make my goal, which I am positive I will do, as I am very very close, and still have about 2 months :)

Some of my favorite meals this week were:
 The Salisbury Steak and Mac N Cheese:
I do like this dish for the most part. The Salisbury steak is really delicious (minus the mushrooms in the gravy) but the Mac N Cheese is a little lacking for me, but I'm not the biggest fan as it is. It's still very filling though, and isn't as bad as other mac n cheeses that I've had.

And the Ice Cream Sandwich:
  I can't even describe how delicious this is!! The ice cream sandwiches used to be the regular rectangular shape, but they changed it up a little, which is always fun.

This tastes just like a delicious ice cream sandwich from the store! I would highly, highly recommend it!

Overall, I had a really good week, and I cannot wait until next week (Trust me, I've never been more anxious for a week to come.. because next week could be THE week!!)

Until then..

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  1. Great! That is like the yummiest looking ice cream sandwich i ever saw! :)

  2. Awesome Job! Now I want an ice cream sandwich! ha ha!