Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Week 41 of Nutrisystem.. Goal Met!!

This.. is THE WEEK I have been waiting for! I have officially met my goal!!

With just a few weeks remaining, I couldn't be happier! Because now, I will most likely even surpass my goal a little :D!

I did a lot of exercise this week - we've been in the pool daily, and I did a TON of bike riding with Aaron. I have also been making sure I follow my diet exactly, because with a trip to Indiana coming up, I just have to stay at a good weight. I want my family to see me, and be like WOW - you've lost a ton of weight! It's so motivating to hear it, and hopefully hearing them say things like that will keep me encouraged to continue watching what I eat, even while on vacation up there.

This week, I was down exactly 1lb, bringing my total weight loss to.... 50.8lbs!!! :)

Maybe by the end I'll be at -55, or maybe even a little bit more! We'll have to see - We still have some time to go!

Here were my favorite meals this week:
Chicken Tacos:
The chicken tacos are a new frozen menu option - They are really delicious! I like my tacos super crispy, because I like chewy things, as they make the food last longer. So I just put them in for an extra minute than the wrapper had instructed. They were perfect :D

And the Orange Creme Bar:

The creme bar has been a favorite since like my first week of Nutrisystem.. Definitely going to miss it once my journey ends!

Overall, I had an AWESOME week! Made my goal, and still going strong!

Until next week..

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  1. You skinny minny! I am so happy you met your goal!!!

  2. yay Amanda!!! You should be SO proud of yourself! Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations Amanda that is awesome! It seemed like you even enjoyed this diet and that matters a lot too. I am so happy that you reached your goal (: