Monday, June 4, 2012

More Pictures from our Trip to St.Thomas

 So, I realize this was some time ago. I just had so many pictures to go through and re-size that it's taken me forever - So I am slowly just posting little tidbits of our trip.

The pictures from this particular day were taken on the day before our last day. Everything over in St. Thomas was so expensive, so on that last day we didn't have too much money. Luckily you can take a fairy from St.Thomas to their neighboring island, St. John for only $6.00. The previous day we had taken a tour of St. John, and I remembered our guide talking about some nature hikes.

So I was like, let's do it!
We get to St. John, and we had first decided we wanted to go on the longer trail - But after waiting 2 hours for the trolly that takes you to it, we decided it probably wouldn't be best. So we talked to some other tourists who had been waiting on the same bus, and they had taken another shorter, closer trail just the day before. So we followed their suggestion, and went to this other trail.

When we first got in the trail, there was a lower portion and as higher portion. Being adventurous, I said "Lets take the harder path!" so we did.

The upper path was straight up hill, and had lots of slippery rocks (don't get me wrong - It was gorgeous, but whew!)
At the very beginning it just looked like an easy trail:
   But as soon as we went the up route, lol..... As you can see very steep with tons of rocks. It had been raining all day, so it was slippery too (It got steeper later but it was raining harder, and I couldn't take out my camera).
 (Lol at Aaron holding my bag ^.^)

 After a while of walking up, I slipped and I actually sprained my ankle. The rest of the trail we had to take a slow stride through.

When we finally got to the very top... The view overlooking some other islands and some of St. John was just absolutely breath taking. (The top picture on this post was the bench overlook)
Here are some more pictures from the view:
   Isn't it just beautiful?

After our little camp out at the top, it was time to start heading down ward, so we could finally hit that crystal blue beach at the end :).. And finally, we came upon it!
   I'm afraid of getting in the water normally, but that water was just crystal, and you could see straight to the bottom. It was breath-taking.

After the beach, we had to hurry back to the fairy. We didn't have any source to tell the time, but someone had told us while on the beach, so we knew we had a little over an hour to get back, because the fairy leave on the hour of every hour - We didn't want to end up having to wait on another.

So I'm hobbling along after spraining my ankle, and we finally see the fairy. As were walking up we notice a bunch of locals sprinting to the boat, and were like oh crap! It must be leaving! So we both start running (Running is not an easy task with  a sprained ankle, lol) and by the time we get there, the fairy is already a few feet away from the edge of the pier. So we literally do like a running jump, and land on the fairy. It was so funny, but they thankfully let us on, and we were home soon after :)

Our little excursion on St. John was super fun :)! A day with Aaron I will never forget ^.^


  1. Yah, I love St. Thomas. T minus 70 days till I go there. I love all your pictures!! So much fun!

  2. oohhh, love the beach pics. Looks very relaxing. I could use a trip like this right about now.

  3. Beautiful,Looks like you had a great time;)

  4. Looks like a lot of fun! I am so looking forward to our upcoming beach vacation!

  5. Beautiful picts! I still want to go there some time! So glad you got to go! Looks like a wonderful time.

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  6. Such great pictures! Thanks for sharing with us!

  7. sounds great - thanks for sharing!

  8. It looks so gorgeous ! I am looking forward to more pics of the animals you saw there :)

  9. +JMJ+

    St. Thomas looks beautiful!

    Running and leaping to make the ferry is something you imagine only fictional characters do, but I wonder if it happens more often in real life than we think! I'm glad you made the boat, although it would have been another sort of adventure if you hadn't, aye? ;-)