Thursday, June 7, 2012

My 43rd Week on Nutrisystem!

 Thanks to Nutrisystem for providing me with free food for review.

It's hard to believe that this is my 43rd post for Nutrisystem. When I first started, I could never imagine being here. It's even harder to believe that in a few short weeks, my Nutrisystem Journey will be coming to an end :(.

In the past, when I thought about my journey ending, I wasn't too worried.. But now I'm realizing it was because my journey had been far from over. I have my different food logs from since the beginning, which are also filled with lots of other helpful information, but I also have a notebook which is filled with ideas for after my journey. I have been carefully paying attention to fat and calorie intake, and I am just hoping that once my journey ends, I will be able to continue successfully, because I never want to go back to where I was before.. Which was probably my lowest point regarding my weight. I honestly don't even like talking about it, because it's so embarrassing to me. I guess all I have now is my pride in what I've done, and what I will continue to do!

This week, was a good week. I felt good physically - But I did have a small gain of .2lbs. I'm not upset by it at all though, like I might normally be. Since I've already met my goal weight loss while on Nutrisystem, I can't be mad :) - And besides that, it's not even half a pound. Can't sweat the small stuff, right?!

I had a great week this week, with food, and I can't wait until next week :)

Here were a couple of my favorite food items for this week:
 So yummy and chewy! It's like a delicious treat. The Harvest Nut Bar has been one of my favorites since the beginning of the program:)

 And the Arroz Con Pollo:

Different taste than anything I'm normal to. I love the amount of chicken you get in the meal. The only thing is that I wish there were a few more red peppers, because I love them ^.^

 Overall, I had an awesome week! And I can't wait for next week :)

Until then...

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Disclosure: Products being provided to me free of charge. All opinions expressed in this post are mine, and were not influenced in anyway. The story you see here, is mine, and mine alone.


  1. o the harvest nut bar looks delicious!

  2. Congrats on already having met your goal :)

    Isn't it totally normal to fluxate by a pound or two throughout the day? I would imagine that .2 could definitely be a time of day reason.

  3. Yea, it's normal, that's why your only supposed to get on the scale 1 time a week, but even if it was actual gain, I'm still okay with that ^.^

  4. I have seen your Nutrisystem posts as well as a few from other bloggers. I have been thinking about trying Nutrisystem for a while now and it is good to know that some of the food is in fact good and that the process actually works.

    I have pretty much been thin my entire life...well, until they removed my thyroid that is! Within 6 months of removing it I had gained 30 pounds with NO change in eating habits at all. If anyone ever says that it is only an excuse that my thyroid was removed, I am here to say without a doubt the thyroid plays a HUGE role in metabolism and the ability to lose weight. Until this point, I figured that I may as well just accept it as I would be fighting a losing battle.(no pun intended) Now, however, I think that I will never know unless I try. I do realize that it may be more difficult to lose weight but I truly think I am going to give it a try and see what happens. Thanks for sharing your Nutrisystem journey!

  5. Great job! My sister and I are going to start Weight Watchers next week. I am going to lose the baby weight! :)

    Keep up the great work. And enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  6. congratulations on meeting your goal. I can see it wouldnt be too abd if you got to eat that yummy looking arroz con polo

  7. You have done so well on the system and look so good! You have always been pretty though, and I am glad you are happy with your weight loss!