Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sports Tour Basics

 Sports Tour Basics
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Sports tours offer a unique opportunity for your team and its coaches to bond together as friends and team-mates, encouraging bonding between players as well as allowing you to play a more varied selection of opponents. Since you're reading this, no doubt you have already decided on taking your team away; this can be on any scale, from a tour to Europe or simply another state, a well planned tour can be very beneficial for your team! Choosing accommodation obviously varies depending on your sports tour budget and your destination, however there are certain facilities that are useful to have as close to your hotel as possible. Local public spaces, such as parks or even beaches, provide a useful area to train whilst on tour; never neglect the competitive attitude of the tour, treat it like a holiday with purpose! Also useful to consider are other activities to do between fixtures, with museums and local attractions giving your tour an educational element as well as keeping your team spirit up between games.

On a recent your to South Africa, the squad spent a memorable evening watching the regional super-sevens rugby squad, providing an entertaining and inspiring experience that was enjoyed by everyone. That's part of the value offered by sports tours, they give your team the chance to experience new things as individuals, growing together as a squad through shared enjoyment! Another basic aspect to consider is the importance of a tour kit. The player's cherish them as memento's, and they offer a shared reminder of the tour that can be treasured by all who took part. The value of a new uniform shouldn't be underestimated, with a freshly outfitted team looking and feeling more united. Many sports equipment retailers also sell T-shirts, alongside more conventional jerseys and shorts; a good idea is to select a combination of match wear, training kit and several T-shirts/sweaters to be worn between games or during leisure activities.

Now all of this sounds expensive, and it can be! Sponsorship is always a good idea, contacting local businesses for funding in return for their company/brand being displayed on your kit. Fund-raising activities also provide a potential source of much needed income, whilst encouraging pre-tour bonding between the team. Organization is the key, hold several planning meetings to make sure that both the players and the coaches get their opinions heard; remember, for the duration of the tour you will be together for 90% of the time, with one persons bad attitude quickly damaging the attitude of others around them. Finally, here are a few final points to help the planning of your tour: - Make sure any relevant travel documents are dealt with well in advance; last minute problems can really create stress for the whole touring party. - Plan your time effectively; get your money's worth and research local attractions and events to make sure you make the most of your experience. - Get in touch with your counterpart on the teams you are going to play. It is likely that, at some point, they have planned a sports tour themselves, and their advice can often be invaluable. - From personal experience, clever packing (especially underwear) is the best preparation for a sports tour. Prepare a list of essential items for the tour, and make sure the coaches take extra just in case.

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  1. Some hotels cater to youth sport teams and even offer shuttle buses to a sports arena/park