Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Week 45 on Nutrisystem!

 Thanks to Nutrisystem for providing me with free food to review.

Wow.. Can you believe it's been 45 weeks?! I know I can't.

The food is so good that it's just like any other meal. In the past I would have never thought I could be on a long term diet.. But Nutrisystem has just made it so easy.

Like I said last week, I actually took my knowledge I've learned from Nutrisystem, and I started my grandma on a diet of her own. Believe it or not, she was down 5lbs! So I am so ready, and I know I'll be able to continue with my weight loss once my Nutrisystem food is gone.

This week I was down .4lbs, bringing my total to -52.2lbs :)! I am so excited to see my family next month.. I can't even describe it :D

 My favorite meal of the week?
The Frozen Golden French Toast:

 The french toast without anything on it is kinda bland, but in the past I have added a tiny bit of sugar free syrup, and then this last time, after being inspired by the picture on Nutrisystem, I added some mixed fruit to the top, and with each bite had a little fruit. It was really yummy :).

Overall, I had a really good week, and I can't wait until next week!

Until then...

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Disclosure: Products being provided to me free of charge. All opinions expressed in this post are mine, and were not influenced in anyway. The story you see here, is mine, and mine alone.


  1. That really does look yummy! Good luck with your weight loss!

  2. If you mix in a little cinnamon, vanilla and/or stevia into the egg base before you fry or bake it thew French toast will have more falvor

  3. i am looking forward to seeing before and after photos!


  4. Betsy Barnes

    That looks good. Keep up the great work!

  5. 45 weeks - that's only 7 weeks away from a whole year. Congrats on staying the course.

  6. You are doing great!! Looks Yummy!

  7. That is awesome! I have lost 23 pounds on nutrisystem in just 7 weeks! It feels great so I know you must be feeling REALLY awesome for sticking with it for so long! Can't wait to see a before and after pic :)

  8. I can't wait to try Nutrisystem. I can't wait to see your transformation!

  9. How awesome! You are doing so amazing :O)

  10. I am so happy you've made it 45 weeks that's amazing! I truly believe it is a lifestyle and not just a quick fix and you seem to get that so congrats!

  11. Trying to eat as healthy as I can. Don't need to lose, just need to eat the healthy foods from now on!!

  12. When will you be showing us your before and after photos. I'm sure you will look great

  13. You are doing great! The French toast looks so yummy, and it would be so much more healthy with mixed fruit on top than some sugary syrup. Keep up the good work!

    Danielle @ Royalegacy

  14. That's great - congratulations on losing more than 50 pounds!! That's no easy feat.