Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy to be Home

As a lot of you know, I have been on vacation for the past 3 weeks visiting Aaron's parents. We had a really great time, and it was so fun getting to meet his brothers, and see his mom and dad again.

We just got home a little bit ago, after an absolutely exhausting car drive. I'm going to get a few posts up tomorrow so you can all see some of the beautiful things we got to see and do up there. I'm also going to be contacting a lot more companies, and getting lots of reviews and giveaways for all of you. I also have a few reviews and giveaways that I will get working on, so we can keep the giveaway count up :)!

Anyways, I just wanted to let you all know I was home, and you can be expecting some more activity here soon.


  1. i'm really happy you had a good time

  2. so glad you had a good's been a rough year for you and i know the rest and relaxation was good for you!

  3. I am glad you got to get away for awhile. You needed it!