Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Is anyone going to see Resident Evil 5?

I don't think it's a secret anymore that I love zombies. I'm just drawn into them, I guess because they always scare me, even though I usually know what's going to happen.

Well one of my favorite movie series is definitely Resident Evil. I have literally, been counting down the days until the new one comes out, and guess what? It's just a few days away now! It comes out on the 14th, and you better believe I'll be there to see it :D

I am so excited! Who knows, maybe I'll even have a rarely-seen movie review.

Is anyone else as excited as I am!?


  1. I'm so excited for Resident Evil 5 too, I own all the previous one's leading up to 5. I am going to watch all of them before I see RE 5 so I can remember everything. I'm even planning my whole Friday around being able to see Resident Evil 5.

    1. Me too :D! I watched 1-4 last week on vacation, but I'm watching them on Thursday as well.