Tuesday, September 18, 2012

ToiletTree Nail and Cuticle Scissor Review

Thanks to ToiletTree for providing me with free nail scissors to review. 
If I tell you all something, I really hope you won't laugh (but if you do it's okay, because Aaron does all the time, lol.) I am not a huge fan of nail clippers. They actually kind-of scare me.
It starts with seeing them on the nail, and then just that popping sound it makes. Sometimes when I see clippers I actually imagine how it would feel if you were to accidentally clip your skin, so for these reasons, I've never been able to use them.

I pretty much always like to grow my nails anyway, but sometimes you have those times when you just really need to clip them, or at least trim them. When it came time to that, I would always dread it because I'd end up having to bite them. I hate having to bite them because.. well, you don't even want to know how dirty under your nails is.

So when I was given the chance to review some really nice nail scissors from ToiletTree, I was extremely excited.
I had honestly never heard of nail scissors prior to this review.
When I first got them, I was actually rather skeptical, because these scissors look SHARP, so I had Aaron given them a try first.
After watching him trim up his nails, I decided to give them a try myself.

While I was a little afraid that I might "slip" and get a blade under my nail, I actually felt pretty comfortable using them. They trimmed my nails really nicely, and with ease. What I loved most was that with a little slower movements, you can even round your nails pretty well, and perfect them with a nail file.

Here were my nails before I trimmed them up:
And then here were my nails after I had initially trimmed them with the nails scissors, and then filed the edges a bit with a nail file, and painted them up (because I was so proud of how great my nails actually looked for once.) :
In the past I had always hated how 3 of my nails would grow in square at the top, and the other 2 would be rounded. Fortunately, now I can more easily trim up my nails, and keep them really nice looking :).

The best part about these awesome nail scissors is that they are multifunctional.You can use them for your nails or cuticles as suggested, but they can also be used for hair trimming, and I've even found them useful for some small craft work.

Oh, and before I wrap this up, one more thing! ToiletTree offers a lifetime replacement warranty for all of there nail scissors. They are so confident of their workmanship, that if anything happens, they will replace them for you as long as you take care of the $3.00 shipping charge. Not bad considering that they are $15 scissors!

Overall, I really loved the nail scissors, and I'm glad that these will be a lifetime product for us!

You can connect with ToiletTree on Facebook, and Twitter. And you can purchase their products on Amazon.

Disclosure: Review product was provided to me free of charge. All opinions expressed are my own, and were not influenced in any way. Thanks to Tomoson for partnering me up for this review.


  1. I like that pink color! Very nice shade

  2. These scissors look fantastic. THanks for the review!

  3. I am not a big fan of nail clippers either. I used nail scissors when my kids were babies but never thought of using them myself. It looks like this is a great set to have.

  4. scissors instead of nail clippers? Never thought of that!

  5. I've always had nail scissors - it's what my mom used on us as kids... and although i prefer clippers with the boys, I often shape my own nails with scissors - these ones look to be really good quality!

  6. I have nail scissors and I love them!

  7. Oh your nails look so much better and healthier. Thanks for sharing.

  8. thanks for a great review! i really like all the toilettree products i've tried...now i can add this one to my list too!

  9. I usually use a nail file, but these clippers look cool!

  10. Looks like a manicure must have! I love how uniform they look when you applied polish!

  11. Those scissors look fantastic to me. I could sure use some new ones, too. They did a great job on your nails, and that color--Beautiful!

  12. I really like the nail scissors. Great review!!

  13. Your nails looked great after. I actually have the opposite fear because my gramma used nail scissors when I was little and she'd go so fast and far down it scared me. I would give them a try as an adult though, interesting review how we're opposites, but good to hear something positive :) (Raine on the RC)

  14. I am glad to hear these worked for you. Maybe now you won't fear trimming as long as you use these.I love the pink nail polish, by the way.