Saturday, October 6, 2012

I'm so Sorry

I'm sorry everyone. I have so much that I needed to do, and I still need to do it, because I have to have certain posts up and stuff. I will be posting various posts over the next few days because they need to be up to stay on schedule, but after these posts  are done, I may not post for a while.

I'm so depressed. I still haven't eaten, I haven't smiled, I haven't done anything. I don't know how to fight this battle. I just feel like, curling up and dying. My brain doesn't seem like it's functioning right, right now. I don't know how to handle any of this.

I know a lot of you are trying to help, but every time I read a new comment I break out in tears.

I try to be this happy person, but how can I be when I have people literally trying to ruin my life.  I have all of you supporting me, but I don't have anyone on my side here with me, to help me tackle this. I'm  the type of person who keeps to there self, but when it comes to getting stuff done, like the paperwork for College, the case I need to put together for this, everything - It scares me into submission, and I just go curl up in the corner.

I just feel like my life is crumbling down.


  1. I'm sorry girl your goin through this i can relate so much right now with the feelings in itself of crumbling different reasons of course but my heart goes out to you and i will try to be here for you as much as i can i love you girl and hope the best for you

  2. I'm so sorry to hear this.. hang in there. I know it is easier said than done. Try to keep your head up - I know it is devastating to have people coming after you and your pets, but try not to let them get to you - they want to bring you down, don't let them win!
    You have lots of great followers, I personally don't mind hearing about your situation or if you are having a bad day or feeling depressed - I hope you can continue to reach out to readers if you are up to it. Will be thinking of you.

  3. i'm sorry to be so far away, it's hard i know but don't give up your babies need you and your boyfriend will hep i'm sure
    if you need tike we understand just don't give up it can be scary yes but you have done so much already, you are stronger than you think so fight back prove them and yourself that you can do it

  4. hey girl, the more i thought about it today you need to call animal control. they will think this whole thing is ridiculous too. I had a dog that would get loose sometimes and someone called the AC on me. I invited them to come over and there was my dog asleep in my bed and they laughed. It was clear she was spoiled rotten and well taken care of. I understand your stess though. I get like that too. I HATE conflict. But from what I can tell, you a a delightful and tough cookie and will come out swinging!

  5. Amanda,

    :( Let yourself curl up for a day or two, and then make yourself get up and fight, girl! It is soooo okay to feel overwhelmed, pissed, sad, right now, but you need to find the energy to be your own best advocate. It is in there! You know that the fighting Amanda is not going to let herself be beat up without a fight, right?

  6. Keep your head held high and take your worries to God.

  7. you need to get a lawyer...period...look for a probono one...