Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Update on How Winners Will be Displayed

I apologize if the post I made yesterday about how the winners will now be displayed, was confusing to anyone.

I am making this post to help try and explain it a little bit better. Incase you missed yesterdays post and don't know what I'm talking about,  I am also pasting in the message from yesterday.

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you all know that from now on winners will be posted right above the Rafflecopter form, on the actual giveaway post.

This way I won't have to spam you all with too many posts when I have tons of ended giveaways.
So from now on if you are looking for the winner of a certain giveaway, please refer to it's original post to find the winner.

Thanks :)

Update:  Emails will still be sent to the winners directly, and they will still have 48 hours to respond before a new winner will be drawn.
The only difference this is making, is that instead of cluttering up your emails, or cluttering up the blog  with tons of winners posts, the winners will just be listed on the original post.

So instead of seeing an entire post for just this:

"Winner: Entry Number 0; Example."
 You can just find the result on the actual giveaway post itself. I will start keeping recently ended giveaways on the side bar, right under the current giveaways. Expired giveaways will stay up for 1 week on the right side bar before they are removed, so you can easily click to see who won if you're interested.

Look directly below the current giveaways, or directly above the spot where you subscribe to my blog via email, and you can see where I am talking about, as I have 2 new winners posted right now.

If you go to the post, look directly above the Rafflecopter form to see the listed winner.

Winners will still be notified via email as well.

If you can, please leave a comment on here letting me know that you understand. I don't want to switch it around if nobody understands whats going on.
If you don't like this new method, please also let me know. This makes it a bit easier and saves me some time, so I personally like the switch, but if you guys aren't happy with it, I don't want to change it.

So please let me know :)


  1. It's clear don't worry ^^ and as long as the winner receive an email that's the essential, we don't have to know who it is necessarily^^

    for me it's a good change if you like it^^

    1. Thanks for letting me know you understand - There was a bit of confusion, and I just wanted to make sure everyone understood :)

    2. i see it's true that with your first post it could be confusing about the fact do the winnier has to check by himself or will he receive an email.
      Now that you haved cleared this pint i don't see who would have any problem with this system.
      Really don't worry^^ ( and i'm glad to asnwer you after all the time i'm following you know you can ask me ( though you never told me if you received my christmas card last year^^::)

  2. Okay good, I'm glad :)! - And are you sure? I could have sworn I told you it arrived - It was the really beautiful one done by a local artist right? It was so beautiful. I don't have it out right now, but it's in my Christmas box in the closet. I just loved it!

    Did you get mine as well? With the little mouse on it?

  3. i think i did but i'm not sure so sorry ( i would have told you if and when i did there was some disappering mail then (even my bithday gift in march never showed( i admit i don't remember it but i will check in my mail box ( with all the special card^^),

    do you want another one this year? ( not sure the painter did another model but i will check for animals^^)( and if yes is your adress stil the same?

    Or...^^ if you really like that painter he did normal postcard with birds and animals so if you prefer i can even send you some if you like postcard for them you don't even need to wait christmas

    just tell me ok?

  4. All clear for me as well, and I totally agree with the change.

  5. First - thank you for posting your winners. A lot of blogs don't even bother. Personally I love to see a winners post where you announce actual winners' names for multiple drawings - I would never consider that spam.
    If you modify the original giveaway thread to include the winners name, will that show up in RSS updates?

    1. If there are several winners in just a couple days like 6-10, I will probably also make an entire post, but when it's just 1 or 2 and there spread out over several days, then I will just update the post.

  6. It makes sense to me. I didn't mind the old way, because the winner announcements always came as part of the newsletter or RSS feed or whatever it is that I get by email. Whichever way works for you, works for me.