Tuesday, December 11, 2012

10K Facebook Fan Giveaway (6 great prizes!) Ends 1/2

Welcome to an awesome event! This event is for "Stay a Stay at Home Mom" who is celebrating reaching 10K fans on Facebook (Congrats to her! It's such an awesome milestone. I was overjoyed when I got mine too :) )

As a way to celebrate, Stay a Stay at Home Mom has put together a fabulous giveaway event, which I am happily helping to share.

A big thank you to the co-host:  Kelly's Thoughts on Things.
Enter here for your chance to celebrate, and get your chance to win some awesome presents, and terrific prizes.There are six prizes for this event, that are going to go to six separate winners. "And the sponsors of these prizes are six very special moms who are in business for themselves. If you're looking for some great gifts this holiday season, please consider supporting other moms just like you!

And what I'm sure you are all waiting for. Here are the prize details:

1. How to Survive Inflation with the Rising Cost of Food – $47 Value This 228 page illustrated downloadable ebook and 18 video series is pack full of information that has been accumulated over a lifetime of being a mom, chef and restaurant owner. It teaches you how to shop smart for groceries, how to make your own pricey mixes at home, extend the shelf life of your food and make popular restaurant favorites at home. It also includes economical ways to entertain at home like a professional. For example, it includes an excellent video on making your own watermelon and cantaloupe carvings to use as display dishes and making easy taco shell bowls for a fiesta party!

2. Family Wooden Block Sign – $25-35 Value Inspired Accents by JLP has a variety of personalized, hand crafted items for any age or occasion. I hand paint and sand each item. Items can come in a variety of colors and fonts. Other than wooden signs, we also offer wooden name blocks that are decorated with many different types of embellishments. From not until March, all proceeds from my sales are going to my 14yr old daughter's 8th grade trip to Washington DC.

3. Child Hobo Bag – $30 Value Custom Child Sized Reversible Hobo Bag. The winner will work with the designer to pick the two coordinating fabrics to get the perfect bag for their toddler, big kid, or tween. The bag is small enough for a young child while big enough that an adult or teen could use it. With two different fabrics it is like two purses in one.

4. Artistry Holiday Glamour Gift Set – $40 Value Artistry Holiday Glamour Gift Set. Get all the glamour you need in one set! A full size, award-winning Artistry Light Up Lip Gloss and a coordinated Artistry Magnetic Nail Polish! Artistry Light Up Lip Gloss was named 2012's #1 Reader's Choice Lip Gloss by totalbeauty.com! Professional, salon-quality nail polish with the added fun of a magnetic pattern! Amway quality, personally serviced and brought to you by your Independent Business Owner Jessica Rinker.

5. TAI Design Safety Scarf – $20 Value Have you ever wished to incorporate something different into your little one's outfit but weren't sure what to add? Or has there been a time when you knew what you would like to add but felt that it may be unsafe for your child? Look no further! Accessorize your little one this chilly season with a stylish Safety Scarf! Every scarf has a unique hook and loop closure that is undetectable while wearing. Your child will enjoy a warm and cozy flannel inner layer while displaying a chic cotton fabric on the outer side. Only, special extra soft hook and loop is used, so you will never have to worry about their tender necks getting scratched. Available in an infant size of extra small to a school aged size of large and everything in between. There are two design styles available, Regular or Inverted. Inverted have the folded down chic look and Regular have a trendy popped up look. Walk with confidence knowing that your little ones are chic and safe at the same time!

6. Scentsy Verdigris Warmer & Scentsy Bar – $35 Value The winner will receive a Full Size Warmer, Verdigris, which retails for $30. Along with this beautiful warmer the winner will also get 1 Scentsy Bar, our wickless candle that is a combination of was and finely crafted fragrance. Break it apart, add a cube or 2 to your Scentsy warmer, and infuse your environment with scent. Retail for the Scentsy Bar is $5. Scentsy is a simple system in which Scentsy warmers melt specially formulated wax with the heat of a low-watt bulb, enhancing your home with more than 80 Scentsy fragrances safely, with no flame, smoke, or soot. Scentsy is a great business opportunity because not only is it an amazing product but it is a product that your customers will want to keep ordering!"

 The Giveaway!
For your chance to win these great prizes, simply fill out the Rafflecopter form, which is located directly below::
 The giveaway runs from 12/12/12 to 1/2/13 at 12:59pm. Good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: Rats and More was not compensated for this post, and is not responsible for prize shipment.


  1. I just don't seem to have the time to start my own business - though in the long run it would probably end up giving me more time than what i have now working 3rd shift!

  2. I have a home based business which allows me to parent and provide income for my family. I enjoy the flexible schedule.

  3. I'm still on the fence about starting a home business... i think the main this holding me back is the fear of being overwhelmed when im right in the middle of it.

  4. I never really thought about starting a home-based business, not enough hours in the day :)

  5. I really have thought about it, but dont know if i could take it lol

  6. I would love to have my own business... I wouldn't want it to be big or anything, I might just want to sell my crafts in a little hole in the wall shop

  7. It takes money and time to start a home based business. I don't have either.

  8. I sell Tupperware and I know a lot of women who support themselves on just that. You have to be diligent and do the work. I only sell it part-time on the side to make extra money.

  9. I have sold Avon and I run a videography business out of my home. It's convenient with the kids.

  10. I had not thought of starting a home based business for myself. Thank you for this giveaway.

  11. ive never thought about it but if i had a special skill i could sell then i would absolutely do it


  12. I'm thinking about it now. But I'm kind of intimidated by all the legal stuff and business requirements.

  13. I have started an Avon business and a videography business. It's tough to get started but worth it if you stick with it.