Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pet Camp: A Great Place for Pets!

My pets are one of my biggest priorities in life. I do everything I can for them,  and I love for them to have the best of the best - Whether it be food, care, or toys.
 ( My 2 boys, Wilbur and Necco. )

One thing I don't like, is having to pick a place for your pets to go when you need to go on vacation. I know a lot of you are pet lovers like me, and I'm sure most of you would feel the same about not just letting any random person watch your pets.

My family has actually been trying to plan a trip out West for a very long time. One reason for a while, was actually funds, but another big factor was actually having someone watch our pets. I am so picky, and I don't just want any old person for the job - Especially considering how many animals I have. I've shopped around a bit, but haven't found that perfect place.

It actually was very recently that I saw "Pet Camp." As soon as I saw the cute logo, I thought it looked like a fun place. I did some reading, and it sounds so great!
If you take a look around there website, you can see some of the pets, and just how "at home" they look.
 One thing I really love is that your pets get the full experience. They aren't just crated up, they're given lots of playtime in a big open area (see above.) Where they get tons of exercise, and get to interact with other pets.

They are supervised by trained counselors, and everything is planned around your pets needs.

The only thing that stinks is that they're location is in California. I wish so bad that they had a location in SWFL - It definitely looks like a great pet day care. If you live in CA and you have pets, you may want to check it out.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. 


  1. This does look like a great place to take your pets. We always have this problem too. I hate having to board them, and I hate having to have someone else take care of them. A lot of times we just rent a house or somewhere that is pet friendly that we can take them along but that is not always practical and I'm way more ready to do that than my husband usually =)

  2. Yea, CA is a little far for me. Two of mine would have a good time. I do have a Shiztu that would be terrified. This does look fun!!!

  3. That is so awesome! I wish they had a place closer to me!

  4. Sounds like a good option for your pet needs during your trip. We actually take all of our pets with us on trips except for my chickens which we ask a neighbor to drop by and feed/water daily. Like you, I hate to think of my pet missing his pack!

  5. I know your ordeal!! Years ago, while I still lived with my parents (aka when I was a teenager) we used to have two dogs and going places was tough since we couldn't take our fur babies.

    It is nice that you found a nice place for your little ones while you are out of town!! They are like people, so you just can't leave them anywhere...

    PS: their logo is, indeed, quite cute!!

  6. What a great idea! It's good to know the animals are not cooped up, but actually have room to run and play!

  7. what a great sounding place. So much better than a standard kennel.