Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Vacationing Just Got Easier to Plan with Dwellable!

We actually vacation quite often. We try going on at least 1 big vacation every year (Meaning out of state) and we try to go on local vacations (areas in the state) at least once every couple of months.

1 of my favorite places to go is Manasota Key, which is about 2 hours north of where I live. First off, Manasota is a gorgeous place to visit - There is a lot to do there, but my favorite thing to do is hit the beaches. Why? Because of the loads of sharks teeth you can find!

These are pictures of some of our great finds the last time we took a trip to Manasota.

 When we go, we like to get there extremely early, so we always end up leaving our house at about 4 am, so we can get there right at sun-up.
  (See - We were the first to arrive, right before sun up :) )

One thing I always hate is the short amount of time we spend up there. I've always thought about getting a hotel or place to stay, but I've always found it too hard to pick the right place, compare prices, and mess with all of that stuff.

Thankfully, now I'm already planning my next trip, because I recently discovered Dwellable. Dwellable is an awesome app for your iPhone (+ iPad and Android devices!) that pulls up everything you need, to pick a place to stay on your vacation outing.

When you first start you'll see the "Where are you going?" search area (As pictured at the top of this post.) Simply type in where you'd like to go (I entered Manasota Key, FL.) and then a list of available places will pop up, with prices.
You can also select a specific place that interests you, and once you select it, it will provide you with additional information, such as weekly rates, a little about the place, and pictures.

One of my personal favorite features is that you can also select your price range, so you aren't wasting your time, looking for places that are out of your comfort zone.

Another cool feature is that you can search by discovery too! Simply select "See all destinations" under the "Where are you going?" drop down menu, and then a list of different states will appear.

 From there you can select a state you'd like to check out, and then all of the different key areas will appear, and then you can explore further.

It's actually fun! And even a little inspiring. The app is giving me ideas about where I might want to go next, and it's also showing me what I can expect to pay, so I can figure everything into a budget.
The Dwellable app is completely free, and extremely useful. If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Android (It's also on the web,) I would definitely suggest checking it out.

I'm already planning our next trip to Manasota, and I promise, as soon as I visit I'll update you with our stay, pictures, and our experience.

You can read more on iTunes, or the Dwellable blog.


  1. thats awesome, i have never found shark teeth before so that is awesome with how many you find!

  2. That sunrise looks very inviting! It just snowed here again--I very rarely go out of state for vacation-but this sounds like a great app to have just in case!

  3. This looks like a wonderful travel tool!

  4. That sounds like a great place. I can't believe all those shark teeth! I'd love to visit sometime. Dwellable sounds great, I'll have to check it out.

  5. That is awesome, does the app show places for kids? My kids would love all those sharks teeth!

  6. I would love to travel to the beach! My girls would have a fit if they found shark teeth! Thanks for sharing this interesting travel tool!

  7. Looks like you took a nice bit out of the Dwellable app! :)