Saturday, July 27, 2013

Crazy Cow Jerky Review!

 Disclosure: Thank you to Crazy Cow for providing us with free jerky, in exchange for writing this post.

We found a little jerky company located in Carmichael, CA, started by Lon McPherson in 2007, called Crazy Cow. This brand has grown by the years, and is now in numerous outlets in Northern California, such as, Raleys, Nugget Markets and others.

Jerky is one of our favorite snacks - So we were extremely excited to have the chance to review it. When we received the package, we had received a lot more than I had anticipated. Crazy Cow sent us one bag of each flavor; Peppered, Cowafornia, Smoky teriyaki, Teriyaki ginger and Hot pepper styx.

  • Peppered- “Not for the pepper shy. Our jerky has a kick without the sweat. Taste it, you won't forget it. A mans Jerky, to be sure! But sassy ladies like it too!”
Peppered was definitely spicy hot for me. If you like the hot spicy jerky's, this one is perfect for you. I needed a drink instantly but it doesn’t take much for me to need a drink with spicy hot foods. My father and friends loved this peppered flavor, they said it was just right and wanted to know where they could get more!

  • Cowafornia- “Cowafornia Style Jerky is the most unique original flavor out there. Sweet, a bit tangy, and watch out for that celery seed!”
Cowafornia was defiantly a unique flavor, I liked this one a lot and barely shared any of this flavor. The celery seed you definitely could tell when you bit into that, it was like whoa!
  • Smokey Teriyaki- “A bold, robust, yet dignified pallet teaser. There's no second hand smoke in this Jerky! We put it in, right from the start!”
Smokey Teriyaki was one of my favorite flavors and again I barely shared this. It had a perfect balance of the smoked flavoring and the taste of teriyaki in every bite.

  • Teriyaki Ginger- “Savor the unusual delight of natural ginger in our Teriyaki ginger Beef Jerky!”
Teriyaki Ginger was dead on when it says the delight of natural ginger, you could definitely taste the ginger in every bite. I found this flavor unique as well and my friends that sampled it with me enjoyed this as well.
  • Hot Pepper Styx- “Won't make you lazy. So try this six pack today! “
Hot Pepper Styx reminded me of a Slim Jim. They not only had the flavor of a spicy Slim Jim, they look like them as well. I liked these the best they were spicy but not near as much as the peppered jerky was. I did share these because I wanted my friends to taste the greatness of these, they had nothing bad to say and joked "SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM"!

Crazy Cow gets a 9/10 rating by myself, and the other people I had sample the jerky. It was some of the best jerky I’ve ever had. I’m used to homemade deer jerky. straight from the deer in the woods then the garage. The real stuff, so this had a high standard to meet, for me. 

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 Written by Jake; A co-contributor for Rats and More.

Disclosure: Review products were provided to us free of charge. All opinions expressed within this review are our own, and were not influenced in any way. 


  1. YUM. I love Jerky and beef sticks! I will definitely look into this! Thanks

  2. We enjoy beef jerky, and eat it often. My husband eats it while spending time at our hunting camp.

  3. We love jerky! Love it!! I haven't heard of this brand but I'd love to try it. The secret is all in the seasonings. And these guys sound like they have it all figured out.

  4. My husband would LOVE this! I hope we can find some!

  5. Ohmygoshhhh. I need to try this, the Cowafornia sounds really good!

  6. We are a bunch of jerky loving peeps in our house. We've been making our own for a while now, but it would be nice to try this one.