Saturday, November 30, 2013

Dang Coconut Chips Review!

 Disclosure: Dang Foods provided us with free coconut chips in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed within this post are our own.
I have been a junk food junkie, growing up on potato chips full of greasy goodness. As the years pass, I have been trying to eat more healthy and I've been trying to weed out the greasy delicious potato chips. Recently a friend and I were talking, and she told me about these Coconut Chips made by Dang Foods. We got in touch with Dang, and they sent us a couple bags of their chips. This was my first time having coconut chips, so I was pretty excited. The only fruit chips I've had in the past were banana chips and apple chips. I really like coconut and this was an awesome find! 
As you can see these "chips" were not shaped like a potato chip, rather they were shredded pieces of coconut. They come in two flavors; There was toasted original and then there is toasted caramel sea salt.
I sampled the caramel sea salt flavor first, and they were crunchy, and like I said shredded not a regular potato chip like shape. These were so good I ate the whole bag in one sitting. A single bag is 2 servings. 
The original I shared with my girlfriend and we both loved these = she kept asking when we were going to the grocery store because she wanted more! These are the perfect snack and the best part is, they are a healthier snack! I would highly recommend these delicious chips, they are sure to hook you after the first bite, if you like coconut. 

You can find these at several places, including: Whole Foods, Safeway, Dominick's, VONS, The Fresh Market, H.E.B. and Sprouts. 

Disclosure: This post was written by a co-contributor for Rats and More; Jake. All opinions expressed within this post are our own, and were not influenced in any way. We received free product in exchange for writing this review.


  1. These sound just delightful and thank you for your review.

  2. These sound like really great chips.