Monday, April 7, 2014

Ready for BlogPOP!?

I know I haven't been active for a while.. But you guys didn't really think I'd miss out on bringing you some awesome prizes in the Tri-Annual BlogPOP! Event, did you??

Of course not : )

I have been extremely busy over this last year, and I have had so much change going on. I do hope things can pick back up, but right now my scheduling and time is a work in progress. Thanks for baring with me through time, and I promise, one day (hopefully soon) we can pick back up where we left off : ).

So - About BlogPOP! This event happens 3 times a year now, and we do finally have 10 AWESOME Bloggers, who are bringing you AT LEAST 4 giveaways each, all prizes valued at $40+. So there will be tons and tons of prizes to win! The big event is just 2 days away... So be ready - It's coming soon :)!!


  1. It's good to see you back blogging Amanda!

    1. Thanks Cori! It feels really awesome to be back - I am contacting companies now for more stuff.. So I am going to try and stay back : )