Saturday, June 13, 2015

My Mom is a Lucky Person!

Seriously, when I think of lucky people, my mom is one of the first people that come to my mind. 
I can't even list all of the things she's won.. And it's so funny, because she doesn't even try to be lucky, lol!

I remember one day, me and Luke got stranded at Target (his car got stuck on a curb.) And we had to call a tow truck. So Luke called a tow truck company, and then I called my mom. So she came up too. It was so funny, because my mom pulled up 30 seconds after the tow truck guy, and as soon as she got out, she looked at the tow man and was like "Oh gosh, not you!" and I just looked at her like she was crazy. The tower started laughing.. Turns out my mom delivers his mail, and we ended up getting a huge discount on the service, which was just awesome. Glad I called her to come!

And that's not even it! After we got the car unstuck, she suggested that we go out to eat. Well, on the way to the restaurant, literally walking through the parking lot, my mom found a $50 bill on the ground. Me and Luke just looked at each other like, seriously?! How does someone get so lucky?? 

She's hit it big at the casino a few times, and ever time we play any type of game, she wins! 

I have been bothering her non-stop about playing the lottery. Every time we go to the casino she uses her "lucky numbers" and I KNOW those would also be her lucky Lottery winning numbers if she played.  

I wish a little bit of her luck would rub off on me, that's for sure. Oh well - I'm happy for my mom, it's awesome seeing her so happy!  


  1. yeah I want some of her luck to rub off on me! LOL!

  2. Better keep her around! Sounds like she's a good luck charm.