Sunday, October 1, 2017

How to quit smoking? Easy with this awesome guide!

Smoking is one of the most persistent vices we know of.

While we can use alcohol or drugs occasionally without ever being called an alcoholic or a drug addict, person who smokes is basically labeled as a smoker soon after their first cigar. This is mainly due to the nature of the vice and the fact that it quickly becomes part of your life.

Alcohol (although devastating) can be used occasionally, once or twice per week. People who smoke, do it every day. In fact, there are a lot of things they cannot do without cigarettes: cope with stress, drink coffee, have a break at work etc. It becomes an important part of person’s life and affects various things he or she does during a day.

This makes rehabilitation that much trickier. But it is still possible to do it; just read these cool tips and learn more!

1. See if you’re ready for it
The biggest mistake people when trying to quit smoking is not being mentally ready for the challenge. Trust me when I say this, you will need every ounce of your strength if you wish to overcome this vice. Relapsing is really common, whenever we’re talking about a cigarette from time to time to completely relapsing back to your vice. You need to be in a good mood, not being depressed or feeling down. Only when you fix issues in your personal life can you expect to do this feat.

2. Create a long terms plan
When I mention long term planning I usually refer to all the activities that will help you cope without cigarettes. You need to find methods that will keep you out of smoking and situation where you can potentially smoke. You also need to be realistic regarding your expectations. Have you truly decided never to smoke again? Or do you simply wish to take a break. Anyway, even if you have a long term plan you will still need to take it day by day. Still, setting up some ground rules does help.

3. Substitutions
A lot of people are using substitutions whether we’re talking about chewing gums, patches or e-cigarettes. Each one of these can be crucial during the process as it can relieve the stress you’re feeling due to lack of cigarettes. One thing to have in mind is that these substitutions are nothing more than that; they are meant to help you during the process but you shouldn’t completely switch to them and one day you need to consider eliminating them as well. The best thing at your disposal are e-cigarettes who are based on vape juice. This substance is harmless and even if you do not wish to quit smoking, I recommend that you at least start with e-cigarettes.

4. Healthy food
Another thing that needs to change in your life is food that you’re eating. A lot of smokers that I know do not have any restrictions when it comes to food. You need to become restrictive and very careful about substances that are entering your body. By having better, healthier diet with more fruits and vegetables, you are making your body more resilient and you will be able to cope better with stress (no matter what kind of stress we’re talking about). This will be important as you will have to be mentally fit throughout the process.

5. Consider relapsing situations
A lot of people tend to relapse. I know individuals who tried to quit smoking numerous times only to get back to it after a few months. This is connected to our perception of relapsing and setting high expectations for ourselves. Most people think that by simply having one cigarette you’ve become a smoker all over again. They stop fighting and go back to the vice completely. This is partially connected to stigma that follows cigarettes where you cannot smoke casually. You need to consider your goals and what you wish to do with the whole process. Always remember that you’re doing this in order to reduce craving; become less dependent on smokes. Even if you relapse, it doesn’t have to be end of the world as long as your craving is lower.

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