Monday, July 16, 2018

GoTrax Hoverfly Eco Hoverboard Review

Disclosure: Free product was received, in exchange for an honest review. 

I want to start this review off, by saying that prior to reviewing the GoTrax Hoverfly Eco Hoverboard, I had previously, only once, attempted riding a hoverboard. That was a couple years ago, back when I was visiting my cousin, Jeramiah, in Indiana. I fell off instantly, and basically vowed to never do that again, LOL! 

Well, recently, I was contacted by GoTrax, and offered the opportunity to do a review, and giveaway with them. Since it's been a while since I've done a review, I really wanted to try something new out, and what better then something that will give you some excitement, and a little adrenaline rush? So, I jumped at the opportunity. 

When my package first arrived, I was so excited (and a little scared still) to try out my new hoverboard.  The exact one I received, to review, was the Hoverfly Eco, in Neptune Blue (I seriously love the color!) 

One of my favorite things, was that as soon as I was able to open the box, the hoverboard was already fully charged, and it was ready to ride. We took it out, and it did take a while to get used to. I was more cautious, when first trying, because you need to kind-of work out the balancing - But once you have that down, it's fun to start learning how to speed it up/slow it down, and even start to do turns, and turn around.

I am honestly pretty obsessed with my new hoverboard! It is a little bit scary when you're first starting, just because you have to try and figure out how to get on, and how to get balanced. But the more you're on it, the better you get! I officially did a full lap around my neighborhood today, without falling off! 

Luke and I, have seriously been having a blast on it! Millie and Andrew are obviously too small to enjoy the hoverboard, but they had so much fun watching, and yelling "Mom's going fast!" In fact, Millie got on her mini scooter, and was trying to catch up to me, lol! Our hoverboard has definitely added a new definition to our family fun, outside. 

So overall, I would say that the GoTrax Hoverfly Eco Hoverboard is SO MUCH FUN! It looks intimidating, but it doesn't take long, to start learning how to zip around on it. The price starts at $179.99, which, for a hoverboard, is an awesome deal. Even with the great price, this hoverboard is top of the line (Seriously, they have great reviews!) It's so quick and easy to charge, and I am expecting years of fun with mine. If you are in the market for a new ride-on, GoTrax is the company to check out!

And right now, is actually a great time to get one, from GoTrax. For Prime Day, GoTrax is offering 15% off of all GoTrax electric rideables on Amazon - And the offer is valid through July 21st! To get this deal, you can shop HERE, and input the code: 15mommyworks, at check out, to score some great savings! 

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Disclosure: I received a free hoverboard in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed within this post are my own, and were not influenced in any way.  


  1. My grandchildren would love to have one of these. So much fun and great for balance. Great gift idea. Thank you so much for sharing

  2. I really love this giveaway on this hoverboard. My 11 yr old son is epically excited. He wants one so bad and has been mowing grasses to earn to get one. but it is a slow process due to heat. But 5 stars on this giveaway. I think its a good one.