Thursday, September 20, 2018

5 Factors for a Proper Mattress Purchase

5 Factors for a Proper Mattress Purchase

Unlike popular opinion, there is much more to a mattress purchase then meets the eye. Most people will simply lay on a mattress, and see whether the product feels right or not. However, this kind of an approach is quite basic and really does not give you enough information about an item.

According to the mattress experts at Our Sleep Guide, each mattress is specific in its own way. Given that various materials are used for their production; they can significantly vary when it comes to their properties. While you might feel great about most of the things, there might be something that is really annoying to you. Ideally, you should have to consider all the factors. So, we decided to make a short list that will clarify things for you. If this doesn’t help you can also check this awesome mattress review site that will give you more info about particular items.

1. Size 

Size is always the first thing to be considered prior to making a purchase. The mattress has to fit your bed frame, so it’s crucial to get it right. But, even if you don’t, most companies will allow you to return the product if it was soon after the purchase. This isn’t a big consideration as almost everyone will get the size right and even if they don’t, they can return the product. The other things on the list are much more important as they appear later on during product’s life.

2. Density

Besides the size, you will also have to consider density. This is something that some salesmen will not tell you, but it’s very important to choose a product based on your weight and size. While you can easily determine whether your height is appropriate for a mattress, weight is a completely different story. Heavier people need thicker mattresses and vice versa. This might not be obvious from the get-go, but it will become after a while.

3. Duration

Now, duration or life expectancy is not as important as we like it to be. Keep in mind that all buyers like to save money and get products that will last for as long as possible. However, this shouldn’t have such a big impact on our decision. Other factors on this list are much more important and if it turns out that a mattress doesn’t last for as long as we wanted, well that’s just bad luck. It is much more important to buy something that will fit our frame, that will provide enough support and that is good for allergies.

4. Back support 

Now, we get to things that truly matter. Whether you have back issues or want to prevent them in the future, back support is crucial factor that needs to be considered. Keeping in mind, that these products last for a long, long time, an inappropriate mattress can have such a bad impact on your back and spine. When making a purchase, make sure to consult with a salesman and ask him for his opinion regarding a product. If you have medical issues, you might also with to consult your doctor beforehand. Have in mind that all mattresses lose their supportiveness after a while, so if you’re really suffering, you might want to consider buying mattresses more often.

5. Temperature and odors 

New mattresses are always great. They are cool and smell like a dream. But, this doesn’t last for long. Sooner than later they will start absorbing odors from your vicinity. When it comes to heat, some materials cannot dissipate it, leaving you to sleep on an always warm bed. Needless to say, this is awful for individuals who have trouble sleeping. Temperature dissipation and odor absorption are additional factors that need to be considered. While they might seem minor in comparison to some other stuff on the list, they might become an annoyance after a while.

So, check out a few online reviews and find a product that suits your needs. With this short list, you will have a great starting point when making a purchase. Make sure to be patient, don’t buy a product just because you like it but instead, consult a salesman and ask about its properties. This is something that can save you a lot of money and stress.

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