Friday, March 6, 2020

Partying with Bestway Bouncers and Ball Pits

Hey everyone!! So, recently I had the opportunity to host a Play Date/Party featuring Bestway Bouncers and Ball Pits through Tryazon. Between me and my 2 Sister in Laws, we have four kids under 4, so this sounded like a super fun party to have for them!

Since it just so happened the be Dr. Seuss' Birthday weekend, we threw a Dr. Seuss themed party, which was fun! We had coordinating outfits, and fun snacks to go with our day. At the start of the party we had Dr. Seuss Story Time, and then we got ready to really party!

To try out for this party, I received 2 great items. Both are linked below, and are able to be purchased at the links provided.

  1. The Fisher-Price Bouncesational Bounce House with Built-in Pump.
  2. The Fisher Price 3-Ring Play Pool.
The kids LOVED the Fisher-Price Bouncesational Bounce House. The second they saw it, they couldn't be contained. They we're so excited, and the only downfall to the party was waiting to have to blow this up! 

Once we opened up the product box, it took a total of about 10 minutes to blow it up. We found a nice spot to put it, got an extension cord, and got it going! It was SO CONVENIENT that this had a built in pump. In total, it took about 5 minutes to actually inflate (deflating was about the same.) I also loved, that one inflated, you can also unplug the product from the extension cord, so it can be free standing where ever you like it. 

As you can see, the kids were having a blast! They bounced for about 30-45 minutes straight, and then continued to bounce throughout the party.

As for the Fisher Price 3-Ring Play Pool - 

The kids didn't really want to go in one at a time, so it wasn't too effective for play (lol) but individually I can totally see the kids loving it, as it comes with 25 balls to throw and kick around. I do think the play pool is more suited to younger children - Which is perfect, as we are expecting out 3rd baby, and I know he/she will love playing in there, once the right age.  

Overall, I would say my kids and our party guests loved playing with the Bestway products we received. I really love that Bestway has been making products since 1994, has over 1,100 products available and can be found in over 110 countries! They offer products that my children love, as well as products that I feel safe and secure in choosing for my little ones to play with.

They had the perfect products for our little get together, and with great price-points. In addition I loved how quick the products were to set up - With little ones as small as ours, instant entertainment it a pretty important selling point, and for me, I would highly recommend Bestway products. 

You can learn even more about Bestway products, and the company HERE

I am so grateful to have had this fun opportunity with Tryazon, and I hope to possibly party again soon!

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