Sunday, September 25, 2022

Family Game Night - Easy with SpinMaster Games!


Anyone else love a good game night? My family has always done game night. It's just always been a fun day of the week to plan on getting the family together to let loose, and just have some fun! 

So recently, when Tryazon had a new party opportunity open for SpinMaster Games, I jumped on the chance to apply! 

Luckily I was selected to host, and we were able to have a super fun game night party!! 

We received a selection of 6 games to check out and play! Those games included: 

All of these games are actually available for purchase on Walmart, and you can click on the game names above to be taken to the items on the Walmart site. 
On the night of the party, we put all of the games out on the table, and we let the kids pick which games they wanted to check out first. 

The first one they chose was Soggy Doggy

Definitely a game that is more geared toward kids, but it was still fun for everyone who played! Essentially, you roll a dice to try and be the first one to get around the board. If you get shook on by the dog, you get sent to the start, so the game can take a turn at any moment! What I loved most, is that this is a game of luck - so anyone can win! My 5 year old son won the first game of the night, and it made it extra fun for him! 

The next game we ended up playing was Less is More. This was a super fun game for the adults - but the kids didn't quite get it. You basically use as little letters as possible to give hints to have everyone guess the secret word. My family loves word/mind games, so for the adults who played - this was a big hit. 

Our next huge hit game with everyone was Sink N' Sand

First off, the game features Kinetic Sand - so if you have kids, hearing that, I'm sure you already know that kids love it. What I loved about this game in addition to just the game play itself, is that it was simple enough for the kids to help set it up, and have fun doing! My kids took turns putting in the rods, and hiding the ruby that is used for the game, in the sand. For this game, 4 players place their figure on the top of the sand, and then you take turns pulling out the rods. The last person to be standing, wins! 
If you're lucky enough to find the ruby hidden in the sand, you get a free pass if your player falls to the bottom! 

Our next game was Escape Room The Game, Escape Your House: Spy Team Board Game.

This game was fun. You basically complete complete 6 different missions to try and "Escape". If you're a fan of Escape Room, or challenges, you'll enjoy this a lot. It's definitely different then any other game I have played in the past. It was definitely too difficult for my kids to comprehend, but when they are the right age, I can totally seeing this as a family favorite! 

Next up, was Hedbanz.

This game was definitely the biggest hit of the night! So fun! It is literally a game I could play for hours, because you never know what you might get. This game is for everyone!! Basically everyone puts a head band on and then you draw a mystery card and place it in your head band, so you have no idea what you are, and you have to try and guess by asking questions that other players can only answer with yes or no. You could be a piece of food, a car, and animal, and so much more!!

My 5 year old sun loved it, and my 80 year old grandma loved it! The funnest part is trying to guess what you are. If you don't guess it, once you figure out what you were, you'll be kicking yourself.

This game gave us tons of laughs, and I would highly recommend it! A new favorite for family game night! 

And finally, we played Beat the Parents

Another unique game, unlike any I've played before. The kids loved it of course, because what kid doesn't want to beat their parents during game night?! 

This is a challenge and trivia game that puts parents up vs. their kids. The fun part is that when you play, both parties put up wagers that you can play for.  For example, your kids could say if the parents win, the kids will take out the trash, while the parents could put up that they'll take their kids out for ice cream. Definitely a fun twist on a game, that I can promise you, the kids love! A must have for families with children.


Overall, we had an absolute blast partying with Tryazon and SpinMaster Games! 

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