Family and Pets

Thanks for stopping by my family page! I'm so happy you're here. Let me introduce you to my family!

 Hey there - It's me; Amanda! I'm a fun loving person, who tries to make the most out of everything. I've had some struggles in life, but I've slowly been working them out, and life is getting better every day! Now I try to embrace as much as I can, and just live life day to day. I've tried taking up a few hobbies, and now I'm an em bracer of nature, and beauty! I love taking photographs with my Nikon D7100, and trying new things, like crafts and recipes.

Luke - My boyfriend, and the love of my life. The day I met him, my life completely changed, and everything has just been perfect since then. He is also a lover of photography, and nature. We try to get out as much as possible to just enjoy the small things.

We're expecting our first baby together on November 16th, 2015! A new chapter in our lives, that we are both excited to start together.

 This is my mom. She isn't a fan of having her picture taken, but hopefully I can sneak a better one of her soon, haha! My mom is a wonderful person, that works harder then any person I know. She works 6 days a week, and likes to spend her free time playing games, cards, and spending time with my grandma.

This is my grandma. She knows this picture is on here, and she thinks it's hilarious, lol! My grandma is a very funny person. She can make everyone laugh, and she's always there to put a smile on your face. She loves all types of things, like bird watching, making and creating things, cooking big family dinners, playing BINGO, and going out with her friends to play cards.

 This is my grandpa Dave. I miss him all the time. He was the highlight of every room, and everyone was drawn to him. He was just a ball of light and energy! He was taken from us on 07/26/2011 from cancer. I love you Grandpa - RIP.

I have quite a big pet family too! We love animals - All of them!  I used to have rats, but after a nasty fight with my neighborhood association, I was forced to give them to a close friend.

All of my cats were rescues that we took in from outside. There's Shadow, Noob, and Sacagawea. 
I also have two big baby dogs named, Wilbur and Necco.
Then there's my fantastic box turtles, Hubba and Bubba.
And finally, I have a 37g tank of beautiful fish. Goldfish, an albino pleco, a few minnows, 2 frogs, and a ghost knife!

I promise I will be updating my blog with pictures of all of my pets very soon! I just got a new lens for my camera, and I am really looking forward to using it.