All winners will be emailed after they are drawn, and they will have 48 hours to respond to my email, before a new winner will be drawn.

As of 10/22/12, Winners will be drawn via random generate, which is part of the giveaway form. So you will see winners on the actual giveaway form, as well.

The names of the winners will also be on this form (First name, and last initial if it was provided.)

The title of the giveaway listed for the winner will also have a link to the giveaway, so you can see the winner on the actual post as well.

Winner of Bath and Body Works: Tanya O.

Winner of Simply Heaven: Terry P. 

Winner of Falling Into Fall: Maria O.

Winner of Swan Princess DVD: Dawn G.

Winner of Groovy Giveaway Hop: Cricket A.

Winner of Baby Elephant Ears: Yvonne W.

Winner of U.S. Bilby #1: Kathryn C.

Winner of U.S. Bilby #2: Karen R.

Winner of Origin Utensils: Kaycee @ My Crafty Zoo

$100 Paypal: Mandy S. 

Winner of Places You'll Go Hop: Chaz G. 

Winner of the Christmas in July Hop: Jaz S.

Winner of Burps and Boogies: molli v.

Winner of Kindle Paperwhite: Sammy F.

Winner of Lots for Tots - Kandy L. 

Winner #1 Shadows May Fall - Natalie.

Winner #2 Shadows May Fall - Pamela B.

Winner of $150 Paypal: Natalie O.

Winner 1 of Movie Madness: Erika M.

Winner 2 of Movie Madness: Shannon O.

Winner of Two Rivers "Bit of Everything" Sampler: Lana.

Winner of LEGO Friends: Susan S.

Winner of $100 Visa: Juana E. 

Winner of Jumbies:  Mary J.

Winner of Meeno Babies:  Tara L.

Winner of TwoRivers Cocoa: Seyma S.

Winner of Funky Giraffe: Mary C.

Winner of Newton Rest Crib Mattress: Stephanie.

Winner of Margaux and May Swaddles (Thanksgiving Hop) - Heidi S.

Winner of $25 GC of Choice: Lindsay G.

Winner of Winning Moves Games: Barrie.

Winner of Dreampad 26 - Karen G.

Winner of Milan Maternity: Crystal E.

Winner of $40 Paypal Giveaway Event: Fe M.

Winner of JuDanzy GC: Vickie C.

Winner of $10 Mocky's Credit:  Cassie.

Winner of Vampire Diaries/Originals: Ariel H.

Winner of Babee Talk: James R.

Winner of TWELVElittle: nicole.

Winner of Baby Silk Gift Set: Bonnie B.

Winner of the $25 Paypal Event: Jessica H.

Winner of SquareHue:  Juana E.

Winner of XOve Baby: Melanie F.

Winner of Tune of June Gourmet Popcorn: Charlene

Winner of Pello: Marti T.

Winner of Zippy Sack: Helen.

Winner of  Bare English: Victoria Z.

Winner of Freshly Picked: Heather D. 

Winner of Jackpot Candles: Marti T.

Winner of the $10 Paypal: Rhonda W.

Winner of YumEarth Giveaway: Shelly E. L.

Winner of Mother's Day Giveaway: J.C.

Winner of Coach Signature Bag: Virginia M.

Winner of $25 GC to Our World Boutique: Teresa T.

Winner of the $150 Evgie Gift Card: Lisa K

Winner of BPOP $50 Paypal: Dina D.

Winner of BioBubble: Janet W.

Winner of Orb Factory: Tabathia B. 

Winner of $40 iTunes: Nan P. 

Winner of Kristian Regale: Denise Z.

Winner of Capabunga:  Lorrie S. R.

Winner of Diaper Rooster Bag: M.

Winner of BPOP Penny Wise: Sherry S.

Winner of BPOP Toilet Tree: Kimberly B.

Winner of BPOP EatSmart Scale: Gigi S.

Winner of Robby Wash Laundry Ball: Georgia B.

Winner of Rollie Eggmaster: Angel D.

Winner of YouCopia BakeStack: Blessie N.

Winner 1 of ToAdorn: Heather M.

Winner 2 of ToAdorn: Valarie G.

Winner of Taste Guru: Jo-Ann B.

Winner of Custom Canvas Art: Chelsea W.

Winner of Cheri Bundi: Crystal R.

Winner of Green Asian Apron: Amanda L.

Winner of Green Baby, Green Mama Event: Kristina R.

Winner of Circus212: Charlene E.

Winner 1 of GrohNola: Jennifer H.

Winner 2 of GrohNola: Crystal V.

Winner 3 of GrohNola: Betty D.

Winner of the Rollie Eggmaster: Marti P.

Winner of Starlooks: Michele P.

Winner of Keira's Kollection: Michele L.

Winner of Chic Canvas: Brynn E. D.

Winner of  Erin Condren: Kelly A. T.

Winner of the Cookie Dough Bites 1: Jamie T.

Winner of the Cookie Dough Bites 2: Cheryl A.

Winner of the Cookie Dough Bites 3: Lisa A.

Winner of the Cookie Dough Bites 4: Deborah N.

Winner of the Samsung Chrome Book: Natalie P.

Winner of the $175 Cash or Credit: Dawn G.

Winner of Krave Jerky: Laurie G. M.

Winner of Have it Your Way: Jessica R.

Winner of goodrun: Victoria Z.

Winner of Simply Sleek: Judy B.

Winner 1 of Gift Card Weekend: Aimee C.

Winner 2 of Gift Card Weekend: Liza C.

Winner 3 of Gift Card Weekend: Jennifer M.

Winner 4 of Gift Card Weekend: Fiona N.

Winner 1 of Arbor Cases: Michelle T.

Winner 2 of Arbor Cases: Cori W.

Winner of Stateside Man Goods: Lanie  L.

Winner of Febreze and $15 Visa GC: Jo-Ann B.

Winner of Inspired By Elizabeth: Krista G.

Winner of Hopscotch Couture: Loli W.

Winner of Libi and Lola: Samantha T.

Winner of Julia E. Dean: Christopher S.

Winner 1 of Mouse Market Giveaway: Gloria T.

Winner 2 of Mouse Market: Tammy D.

Winner 3 of Mouse Market: Ruth A. C.

Winner of uNu: Felicia O

Winner of Michelle V Custom Leather Jewelry: Samantha D.

Winner of Scented: Beth A. E.

Winner of Tiny Token Designs: Antonella T.

Winner 1 of the 31 Nights of Halloween Event: Maria E.

Winner 2 of the 31 Nights of Halloween Event: Jonquil A.

Winner of Gourmac Snack Containers: AnnMarie D. W.

Winner of the Keurig V700: Charlene K.

Winner of ChicWrap: vesper

Winner of the iPad 3: Elizabeth M.

Winner of the Reluctant Bachelorette $50 Amazon GC: Kayleen C.

Winner of the SleepyPod Air: Cindy M.

Winner of the Have it Your Way Event: Lynn K.

Winner 1 of Gallagher's Hope Book Blast: Fiery N.

Winner 2 of Gallagher's Hope Book Blast: Stacey D.

Winner 3 of Gallagher's Hope Book Blast:  Carolyn A.

Winner of the Little Tikes Secret Garden Playhouse: Denise P.

Winner of the BagBlaze : Julia B.

Winner of the Life on Hold Book Blast $25 Amazon GC: Arash N.

Winner of the Gorgeous Strandz Headband: Rachael H.

Winner of the Publix $25 GC: Janet W.

Winner of the Octoberfest Giveaway: Corinne Z.

Winner of the YumEarth Lollipops: Lisa W.

Winner of the Henry Mini Vacuum: Karen R.

Winner of the Dark Shadows Giveaway: Chev S.

Winner 2 of the Dollop Giveaway: Carrie G. P.

Winner 1 of the Dollop Giveaway:  Marty W. H.

Winner of the Keeping Kids Creative Giveaway: Jenni J.

Winner of Hidden Treasure Candles 5:  Joanne G.

Winner of Hidden Treasure Candles 4: Tracy G.

Winner of Hidden Treasure Candles 3: Jessica W.

Winner of Hidden Treasure Candles 2: Claudia A.

Winner of Hidden Treasure Candles 1: Kathleen Q.

Winner of Ultimate Sack: Courtney H. 

Winner of BlogPOP LunarraStar: Stacey A. S.

Winner of BlogPOP Emily Elizabeth: Holly M.

Winner of BlogPOP Veri Peri:

Winner of BlogPOP Amex: Veeee!

Winner of BlogPOP Visa: Julie-Ann M.

Winner of BlogPOP GC of Choice: Jennifer M.

Winner of the BlogPOP Laughing Vixen Lounge: Elena R.

Winner of Spice Lab: Mechele J.

Winner of Father's Day Event:  Nikki B.

Winner of Ferryman & the Flame Book Blast $100 Amazon GC: Louis H.

Winner of Bee Savvy iPad 3: Katie R.

Winner of Summer Sizzle: Destin.

Winner of Best Meals Happen at Home: K.M.S.

Winner of  Luck of Liberty: Amina

Winner of Unique Gifts: Milkdude

Winner of Summer Fun Event: Bobbi M.

Winner of Zombie Gnomes: Sonia K.

Winner of Christmas in July: Brinn

Winner of No Strings Attached:  Rochelle A.

Winner of VodaSwim: Stacey D.

Winner of the Tortilla Pans: Alex P.

Winner of Charlotte Russe 3: Joannie F.

Winner of Charlotte Russe 2:Vicky.

Winner of Charlotte Russe 1: Andi A.

Winner of the Solvit Kittyscape: Jayedee H. D.

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